New partner: anybill

Le 22.09.2022


Introducing anybill, Mooncard’s partner for fully integrated payments and digital receipting in Germany and the DACH region


Founded in 2019, anybill is a start-up working to connect and digitize the point-of-sale ecosystem in Germany. Since its creation, anybill has gone from strength to strength having identified a clear desire among businesses and their clients for a digital receipt solution to match the digital transformation of payments. They now offer a range of technical solutions that bypass the need to print a paper receipt and enables merchants to offer their customers an innovative additional service.


For such small pieces of paper, receipts are surprisingly complex. The information printed on a receipt represents different types of data and classes as a legal document. This means that as well as the technical challenge of handling the data, the digital issuance and storage of receipts needs to adhere to strict regulatory requirements. But with over 8.3 million kilometers of paper used every year to print receipts in Germany alone, these small pieces of paper add up to a challenge worth tackling. That’s enough receipts to stretch to the moon and back 20 times!


With anybill, easy-to-implement POS software enables retailers to offer a digital receipt in the form of a QR code that customers can capture with their phone camera. The customer can then upload the receipt to the anybill app, the shop’s app, or simply store it as a PDF.


This is already a huge improvement, but the collaboration between anybill and Mooncard will take this even further. By combining Mooncard’s smart payment cards with anybill’s technological interface, Mooncard users will be able to simply make a purchase and… that’s it! Users of Mooncard payment card will be able to activate them as an identifier, which will automatically match the transaction with the digital receipt with no further action needed.


Alexandre Smadja, Mooncard’s Strategy Director, said: when I first heard about anybill and their mission to digitize paper receipts I knew straight away there was huge potential for a collaboration. We have a shared vision of a fully integrated payment process, and the technological synergies we are developing to make that a reality for Mooncard users is very exciting!


Alexandra Lüke, CPO at anybill, on the partnership with Mooncard: Together with our new partner Mooncard, we are taking the first important step towards digital receipt transmission – linking it to the payment transaction. The collaboration enables seamless receipt processing without an additional QR code scan or intermediate step with a landing page. The digital receipt is delivered directly to the Mooncard payment overview and linked to the transaction. Very practical for an expense report, for example, as no extra step is required.


If you want to find out more about anybill’s solution, take a look at their website. We also enjoy following anybill on social media to see what the team is up to and discovering how anybill merchants are benefiting from the technology. 



Par Kate Brown

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