Mooncard x Bolt

Le 20.07.2022


We teamed up with European mobility app Bolt to make work rides even simpler. Mooncard users can now add their card to a Bolt Work Profile and receipts will be pre-filled and automatically added to their company dashboard. The fastest expense report is the one you don’t have to fill in at all! 


Created in 2013, Bolt is a European mobility super-app available in over 45 countries and over 100 million people use their services. 


We wanted to offer an even more seamless experience to the business professionals who use our Mooncard payment cards for their Bolt work trips. Now users can create a Bolt Work Profile with their Mooncard and ride without giving receipts a second thought. When the Work Profile is selected to book a ride, the digital ride receipt will appear automatically in the Mooncard app already filled out with the relevant company details.  


Companies and users still benefit from the personalised Mooncard payment settings, so their company’s travel and expenses policy can be automatically implemented with over 60 different settings from spend limits to parameters authorising specific times of day, or days of week.  


Even better - with this new partnerships Mooncard users can earn Flying Blue Miles from the comfort of their Bolt ride. 


How to get started with a Mooncard x Bolt’s Work Profile

  • Download the Bolt app (if you haven’t already)
  • Tap Work rides in the menu on the left-hand side
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to set up a Work Profile
  • Add Mooncard to the Work Profile as a payment method


Before every work ride simply switch the payment method to Work and let Bolt and Mooncard take care of the rest.



Par Alexandre Smadja

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