Mooncard Minutes: money saving tips

Le 16.09.2022


In the current economic context, everyone is conscious of their finances - companies and  employees alike. This week we share some of the team’s easy money saving tips that you can do today, even if you only have 20 minutes to spare.  

Naturally, if your company still asks you to pay out-of-pocket for expenses, our top recommendation is telling them about Mooncard’s 3-in-1 spend management solution 😉 If you have to pay upfront for your professional expenses, this can put additional pressure on your personal finances. Business costs like travel expenses and meals for a business trip or client meeting can quickly leave a significant gap in your account as you wait to be reimbursed.

Often when it comes to budgets, it seems like there’s a tradeoff between saving money and saving time. But with these quick actions we think you can do both. So whether you’re waiting for payday, your expense reimbursement, or simply want to add some extra euros to your savings, why not give some these ideas a try… 


20 minutes: See where your money is going

W37 Blog mobiles

Getting visibility is the first step in being able to optimise your spending. This goes for personal and professional finances. 

This article has a good rundown of the best budgeting apps. Many apps let you connect to data from all your accounts so you can track all of your purchases. 

A good place to start is checking for monthly subscriptions you might have forgotten about, be paying twice, or could reduce. 


40 minutes: Book your winter trains now

Yes, we know. Summer is barely over but hear us out. 

W37 blog image Christmas town

A lot of train companies have now released their tickets for the Christmas and winter holiday period. Even if you’re not 100% sure of dates, check to see if there are flexible ticket options that mean you can adjust once your plans are confirmed. Move now to bag the best bargains.


60 minutes: Try batch cooking

Save money, food waste, and time, by using the ‘batch cooking’ method. One shopping list and one hour gives you 6 to 10 different meals for the week. You might have to stock up on containers but preparing tasty lunches or dinners before getting too hungry/busy during the week can avoid the creeping costs of buying meal-by-meal. 

The good news is that batch cooking is becoming increasingly popular so there are plenty of free resources out there. Here’s a great guide for 10 chicken recipes in 1 hour and this vegetarian version is what we’ll be trying this week.


See you next week for more ways you can use the minutes you saved with Mooncard. 


The Mooncard Team



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