Easy 20-minutes meals

Le 07.10.2022


The average expense report takes 20 minutes on average to complete. There are plenty of better things you could be doing with that time - it's even enough time to cook a meal. Here are some of the team’s favourite 20-minute recipes for inspiration.


Salmon with beetroot, feta & lime salsa

A healthy fish dish making the most of in-season beetroot. This recipe has just 4 ingredients and 20 minutes includes time for washing up. 






Ramen carbonara

Ramen carbonaraAn unusual combo but with herby butter, cheese, sweetcorn, and a super quick cooking time, what’s not to like! Find the full recipe here.

We hope Mooncard’s Italian team still speaks to us after this 😬.





Crispy Tofu with Peanut Sauce and Cabbage Slaw

TofuPacked with flavour and protein this is a no-fuss vegan meal that is healthy and filling. We’d recommend making double the sauce because a) it’s very tasty and b) it keeps for up to 3 days so will be ready-to-go for another meal to save even more time. Find the recipe here.




Chorizo and butter bean stew

Chorizo bean stew

This hearty stew is a great recipe to have on hand to warm up of an evening. And it only uses one pot, so time saved on washing up, too. Check out the recipe here.





See you next week for more ways you can use the minutes you saved with Mooncard. 😀


The Mooncard Team 



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